Owner of Griffin Stoneworks polishing a stone

Providing Timeless Natural Stones

We provide timeless and beautiful natural stone monuments and memorials. When you work with us, you can know that every piece is unique and hand sculpted by professional stone polishers and engravers. Every rock is different, allowing each piece to be detailed and contain endless possibilities.

We provide in-house and on-site sculpting, polishing, and engraving of natural stones of any size above 6 inches in diameter. A few of our services include:

Engraved Stones

Large Landscape Boulders

Garden and Entrance Decorative Boulders

Business Signs

Custom Headstones/Grave Markers

Pet Memorials

Wall/Shelf Art

Fireplace Accents

Address Stones

Keystone Blocks

General Stone Floor Polishing

Outdoor Area Accent Boulders

Decorative Abstract Stone Works

Decorative Concrete Floors

Countertop Polishing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the detail in the engravings?
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After precisely sizing designs to the stone, we cut the file onto a very thick sheet of pvc which we carefully weed away the areas we intend to etch. After that it is placed into a sealed cabinet to protect our workers from the high psi and extra hard blast media produced by our sandblasting setup. A little luck and a lot of skill enable us to produce accepted designs in the highest detail. Sandblast engraving allows us to reach depth and detail that a high majority of laser engravers are unable to produce, especially on glass products.

How do you get the polish so clean?
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By following a very strict processing sequence of anywhere from 14 to 20 steps just for the manufacturing of the stone before it goes into the engraving stage.  Essentially we carve and sculpt the stone to the desirable look heavily and then bring it up to a highly reflective 6000 grit diamond although we can stop the process from the 400 grit phase and higher.

What is the typical turnaround time?
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Depends on the stone, but a safe range would be 1-3 weeks. The softer the stone, the longer it is going to take.

Can I do custom designs?
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Yes! You can send us designs or we can design something for you.

What all can you do?
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If it is rock, stone, concrete, glass, etc., we can do it.

Do you offer shipping?
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Yes. We can also deliver or pick up within the state of Arkansas. Pricing depends on the product.