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"Great art picks up where nature ends"
- marc chagall

Griffin Stoneworks proudly provides an appealing combination of nature and handcrafted art that is tailored to each stone and site’s unique character. We provide the highest quality polished boulders that will stand the tests of weathering and age through our uniquely innovative chemical and mechanical stone processing sequence which increases the durability and resistance to chemicals, weather, and deterioration of the stone itself. We strive to enhance any location with our outstanding stone craftedproducts. Our specialties include engraving native rock signs, beautiful sandstone signs, high polished stone signs, entry monuments, headstones, address markers, intimate interior decorations, and grandeur outdoor accents created by only the most professional stone polishers and engravers.

Custom Stone Engraving

We have the unique ability to provide elaborate hand-worked engravings with many colors and combinations to choose from.

Our sandblast setup also enables us to provide engraving services on concrete, engineered stones, brick, marble, granite, and glass.

Engraved Stones

Large Landscape Boulders

Garden and Entrance Decorative Boulders

Business Signs

Custom Headstones/Grave Markers

Pet Memorials

Wall/Shelf Art

Fireplace Accents

Address Stones

Keystone Blocks

Outdoor Area Accent Boulders

Decorative Abstract Stone Works

Decorative Concrete Floors

Our Services

We can provide elaborate hand-worked engravings with many colors and combinations to choose from.

Engraved Stone with Cross design
Owner of Griffin Stoneworks making a landscape stone
Landscape Stones
Stone with Ohio State Sign
Stone Signs
Home Decor Stone with woo pig sooie sign
Home Decor
Owner of Griffin Stoneworks making a draft

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